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  Handwriting Analysis Course

Introduction to Handwriting Analysis

LEARN through the analysis of handwriting, the answers to the following questions:

  • Energy Levels – some of us have more energy than others. Where do you fit?
  • How strong is your memory?
  • How sensitive are you?
  • Are you a team player?

LEARN how to identify:

  • Different ways of thinking. Some of us learn quickly. Some of us learn slowly. And some of us are more accurate than others in processing information.
  • Imagination
  • What it really means when you dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s……and what it means if you don’t.

LEARN more………

  • Develop a greater sense of self awareness
  • Gain a deeper understanding of potential compatibility issues
  • Find out what your signature is really saying about you

Just as body language and personal gestures are expressions of our personality, so is our handwriting. Whether we are writing or printing or scribbling or doodling, it is the brain expressing itself by hand through hundreds of different symbols and strokes. That trail of ink that we leave as we move the pen across the page tells our story.

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Pre-registration is required for all classes. A maximum of 6 students per class is accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

The location of the classes is usually in the Clarkson Village area of Mississauga. If you prefer, you can also book Mary Ann to facilitate the classes at your location - contact her for more information.

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