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Handwriting Analysis - It's 'Brain'writing!

Just as body language and personal gestures are expressions of our personality, so is our handwriting. Whether we are writing or printing or scribbling or doodling, it is the brain expressing itself by hand through hundreds of different symbols and strokes. That trail of ink that we leave as we move the pen across the page tells our story.

In this presentation/workshop you will discover

  • How do I stop those gremlins from chattering in my ear at night?
  • Why do some people act the way they do?
  • No one listens to me!
  • Are they lazy, or is it just me?
  • Who are the sensitive ones?
  • What does my signature say about me?

In this presentation or workshop, a better understanding of the analysis of handwriting or printing is achieved by looking at ‘the trail of ink’ that we leave as our pen travels across the page.

Each participant will look at personality traits in their own handwriting or printing to achieve greater self-awareness.

Each member of the group is allowed to maintain privacy of their writing or printing at all times. Sharing their personality traits with others in the group is optional, not mandatory.

Presentation Format or Workshop Format
Time: 45 – 120 minutes
Materials: All materials supplied
NOTE: Individual analysis in front of group to be discussed .

Team Building and Compatibility Issues in the Workplace and Beyond

.to improve productivity and reduce conflict

Learn to understand your teammates better through the analysis of your own handwriting and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques.

Receive answers to the following questions:

  • Why do I get along better with one colleague rather than with another?
  • Am I sending out positive or negative signals to my co-workers, colleagues, friends and family members?
  • What are my goal-setting abilities?
  • How can I maximize my ability to ‘get into step’ with others
  • Who are the team players?

Discover other elements

  • compatibility challenges that lead to potential stress
  • find out what non-verbal signals you are using to communicate
  • thinking processes and the compatibility issues that arise
  • energy levels
  • motivators in the personality

In this workshop, a better understanding of self and colleagues is achieved by creating awareness of the variety of ways that people operate in their model of the world.

Each participant will look at personality traits in their own handwriting or printing that impact issues of team building and compatibility. Information is shared with other participants on a voluntary basis only. Each member of the group is allowed to maintain privacy of their writing or printing at all times.

Workshop format
Time: ½-day
Materials: All materials supplied

Networking - it's a social skill

Does the word, “networking” threaten you? Do you wonder what to say, what to bring, or how to act when attending a networking event? You’re not alone! Learn some easy techniques to assist you in meeting new contacts and growing your network.

This interactive workshop has participants unlocking the terror of the ‘N’ word. Even though many attach networking to business, it is really a social skill. Learn the 5 keys to networking success. These keys can make the entire networking experience less intimidating. In fact, it can be downright fun!

This workshop is designed to put even the most introspective attendee at ease. If you want to get rid of all that negative chatter by discovering what to say and how to act in any social setting, attending this fun-filled workshop is a must. It will turn the experience of social networking into a positive encounter.

Workshop Format
Time: 2 hours
All materials supplied

Let's Lighten Up!

Stress is a fact of life, but it needn't be a way of life. With a little bit of humour and a lot of common sense, you can learn to manage stress - rather than have stress manage YOU. This down-to-earth approach helps you recognize problems and find solutions to control stress and lighten up!

Time: ½-day
Materials: All materials supplied

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