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How to Order


  • At least 2 pages of cursive writing (NOT PRINTING)
  • ORIGINALS, not a photocopy
  • Written in ink
  • Written on unlined paper
  • Sample should be signed and dated
  • A hand-written note authorizing Mary Ann Matthews to analyze the writer's handwriting.
  • For the Employee Selection Executive Profile: Job Description, including supervisory responsibilities, communication skills, physical demands, work environment and developmental expectations
  • Deposit made payable to handwriting.ca

If the writer prefers to print and claims that s/he cannot write, just remind them that they use cursive writing to sign their name. If printing is their preferred method:

  • In addition to "What Is Needed from the Writer", include a page of printing on unlined paper, using a pen.

If English is not the writer's first written language:

  • In addition to "What Is Needed from the Writer", include a page of writing in the language s/he first used, on unlined paper using a pen.

What Should the Writer Choose to Write About?

The topic matter is the writer's choice. It can be about anything at all, e.g., holidays, likes/dislikes about their job, political opinions they may have, personal views on life, or even what their plans are for the weekend.

For best results, text copied from a book or a memorized passage (like a nursery rhyme or a prayer) should not be used.

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